Here’s how it works…

Your startup is on the precipice of launch, and time is not on your side. You have the right people and the right product, but what’s your positioning? Your business might be revolutionary in your field, but you don’t know the first thing about differentiating yourself from your competition. You need clarity on your messaging and help with building your tribe. How do you bridge the divide between business strategy and beautiful design?

That’s where we come in: Your Startup’s Best Friend.

Our Branding Bootcamp is a 30-day intensive where we accomplish everything you need to launch your brand. For 30 days, we come alongside your team to brainstorm, strategize, copy-write, design and produce. We personally coach you and your team to be successful pioneers of your brand for the years ahead. Working with larger branding agencies can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take months of back-and-forth. Buckle-down and beat your competitors to market.

For this to be possible, we both sign an Agreement saying that for the next 30 days, we will be completely available, focused and decisive. 

Our team works with a very limited number of Clients. You have our undivided attention.

At the end of our month together, we will have built the framework of a distinctive, compelling brand, and you’ll be ready to tell the world. 

Let’s get started… 


John Emery — Founder, Creative Director