Meet Our Team:

John Emery

Owner & Creative Director

A few birthdays ago, John's wife bought him a unicycle. The problem? John didn't know how to ride a unicycle. But, true to form, by the end of the next summer he was riding it through his neighborhood while juggling. John is whimsical, disciplined and passionate. You'll find that John brings a refreshing level of focus and creativity to his work. At home, he's a faithful husband and a present father to his kids.

Elyse Emery

Owner & Designer

Elyse is a leader of leaders. When she's not dancing with her kids in the living room or speaking on stage at church, she's meeting with entrepreneurs to help them realize their potential. She has experience at every level of the Org. Chart, and now helps run the agency she started with her husband in 2014. She is passionate about spirituality and loving the people around her.

Josh Vizzacco

Art Director

Joshua's design experiences and passion for designing creative solutions has made him a flexible and meticulous brand designer. Bringing business thinking and design thinking together, he approaches every project with a keen eye and heart for understanding brand values which he translates into perfectly aligned design.

Brett Laub

Senior Designer

Brett keeps a can of Flarp at his desk. He is a joyful, talented designer that specializes in developing visual identities that last for decades. But beyond his professional competencies, his character is what has earned him a lifelong position with us. He recently married a woman far more beautiful than him, and when he's not traveling to meet with Clients, he works from the comfort of his home in Ohio.

Ben Emery

Copywriter & Strategist

Amongst his family and friends, Ben is famous for having the best "Best Man Speeches" ever heard. With an unparalleled sense of humor, Ben has a knack for understanding how to speak to a wide range of audiences. He recently married the love of his life, Grace, and adopted her two beautiful children as his own. He lives in a family-built home in the backwoods of Maine.