How Your Brain "Sees" A Logo

Before you scroll down to the infographic below, spend a few seconds listening to what I have to say.

I don’t share this content to merely inspire you about logos. No. Understanding logo creation, and the science behind it, is one of the most essential skills to know as an entrepreneur.

If you don’t get logos, you won’t get far.

In my experience, a logo to a company is like a face to a person. And like many of us, while we struggle to remember names, we almost never forget a face.

In fact, recognizable logos can actually trigger responses in the same part of the brain that controls relational emotions. So, if you love your iPhone, seeing the Apple logo can actually ignite the happiness and warmth that running into an old friend stimulates.

But the infographic below is deep. It’s an article in itself. If your dream is to start a business or blog or movement, take the time to read it thoroughly and you can check off an important step in “startup school.”