We are a design agency for start-ups.

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90% of Start-ups fail.
(Good design matters.)

So you've worked out the nuts and bolts of your business... You have a great product. You have systems in place. You're prepped and ready for take-off, but you need help launching with design excellence, brand consistency and FIREWORKS! At Emery Creative, we understand what it takes to ensure a successful launch of your Start-up. Every step from naming your business, securing the perfect URL, designing a beautiful visual identity, and building a streamlined, effective website. 

Meet our Team:

Our team members are StoryBrand trained and
certified Squarespace Circle Members.

3-Steps to a Successful Launch:


What is your story?


How do you tell your story?


How do you share your story with the world?

I’m so thankful for Emery Creative! I’ve worked with many agencies in my career, but never ones this sharp—and certainly never this quick. Highest recommendation possible!
— Aaron Keyes, Founder of 10,000 Fathers Worship School

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01. Branding

Branding is much more than slapping your logo on a bunch of marketing materials. What story are you telling your target audience about themselves?

From naming your business to putting the billboard up; 
We are a "from start to finish" kind of team.

02. Web Design

It's 2016. Anyone can build a website.

And your cousin might do it for $50! But your Start-up deserves more than that.
(And so do your customers.)

Emery Creative websites:

Clearly communicate the story of your brand.
Visually display the success your client will experience if they use your service.
Provide obvious (and tempting) call-to-actions.
 Distill your business into an easy-to-understand, 'ready-to-buy' pathway.


03. Marketing

We understand your story, we understand how to effectively tell your story, and now we need to share it with your targeted audience!


Build a tribe of passionate customers by providing free, high-quality content.


Develop strategic email campaigns to increase website conversions.


Target specific groups on social media and grow your customer base.

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